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Ann treats leading Singers, Actors, Musicians & Dancers in London & Brighton. Ann works with the Harwood Artists at the English National Opera ENO using Osteopathy,

Laryngeal Manipulation & Inspirational Breathwork.

Ann is a Registered BAPAM practitioner, Member of the Osteopathic Performing Arts Association, British Voice Association BVA and One Dance UK.

Ann studied Laryngeal Manipulation with Jacob Lieberman an internationally acclaimed expert in treating the voice. Her method releases muscular tension

within the larynx which can improve stamina and range for Singers and Actors.

As a Dancer Ann has empathy with Performing Artists and uses Breathwork with body mapping to resolve emotional holding patterns which may sustain repetitive injuries.

Osteopathy for tissue diagnosis. What has been damaged and why?

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre to isolate & strengthen the core muscles necessary for Dancers.

Why has injury occurred? If a problem keeps returning is there an emotional holding pattern? 

Ann's approach treats the whole you...the complex human being.

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